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Envia Lá provides an easy, fast and safe way to apply and send your movies to cinema festivals!

Easy, fast and safe!

Make the best of your movie!

Here your movie is not limited by the low quality on DVDs! Have your movie in Full HD definition!

Free for festivals!

¡Subtitles, sí!

No need to render lots of movie files just because of embedding subtitles. Upload the subtitles files and the watcher can activate & change them on-the-fly, painlessly.

Free for festivals!

Envia Lá is 100% free for Festivals!

That's it: no costs for festivals, at all.

Free for festivals!

Everything online, in the cloud.

Apply your movie on the comfort of your couch! No more form printing, DVD burning and mail posting!

Free for festivals!

Last Festivals

The Envia Lá partners list is constantly growing! If you unfortunately could not find a Festival you were looking for, tell us! We will gladly contact them to invite for being part of Envia Lá!

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